Why buy second-hand photo equipment?

This question may seem pointless, but it is worth remembering why second-hand camera equipment is attractive.

As we all know, good camera equipment comes at a high price. Sometimes even
too much for the taste of our bank account. So to avoid getting angry with
their banker, some people have chosen to buy their camera bodies, lenses or
even their second-hand accessories.

First of all, “second-hand” means equipment that has already been
used and therefore necessarily cheaper than new equipment in the shop. However,
prices are set by the second-hand market and there are price quotations

Second-hand is also a good way to get your hands on equipment that is no
longer sold in stores, such as old optics or specific accessories.

Finally, second-hand equipment sometimes allows you to test new things, new
lenses or a new camera without breaking the bank. Besides, if you buy a
second-hand lens at a good price and it is in good condition, there is a good
chance that you will be able to resell it at a very close price in the future,
provided, of course, that you pamper it.

At what price?

Now that you are convinced that second-hand equipment is an avenue to
explore in order to equip yourself without going broke, it is important to talk
about one decisive element: price.

Second-hand is a way to find cheap equipment, but be aware that there are
market prices, which change according to new releases and the condition of the
equipment on sale.

If ever the price, you are offered is too far from that of new equipment,
try to negotiate, but beware of bargains that are too good. If you see a recent
camera sold at an unusual price, either the seller is generous, or the camera
has a problem and wants to get rid of it.

Where to buy your second-hand equipment?

Historically, you could find second-hand camera
equipment in the specialised print media, in the classified ads section. This
is still the case today, but the Internet is now the reference, with
second-hand sales sites, or also photo forums that often have a section for
buying/selling second-hand equipment.